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Animal Anthem is Korean post-hardcore band, formed in Seoul in 2011 including members from US, Poland and Korea. Before releasing their debut album BONES’they have been playing live shows in Seoul and other Korean cities. These days Animal Anthem is working on new material and preparing overseas tour.


released December 9, 2015



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Blend Company is a South Korea music Label based in Seoul, South Korea, since Nov. 2014. The company operates a record label, talent agency, media contents production and architecture design. That pursues to communicate and give inspirations with Architects, and Musicians who have different genres. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
Love/ war/ death/ hope/ breathe/ forward/ falter/ choke your love/ of war/ is the death/ of our hope/ breathe in/ move forward/ don’t falter/ don’t choke and when the sun comes up/ she wonders if she can crawl through one more day/ she’s down to nothing/ but still they take away/ he said it was for the best as he held her near/ but he was all she had left/ now all she’s got is fear/ scream your pain so god can hear
Track Name: Empty Page
The daylight/ where has it gone/ Feel the night/ fall so horribly wrong/ a cold cold home/ so quiet it feels like her tomb/ stone heartbeat/ carves a network of scars to map her mistakes/ and mark the distance/ to every single promise that she knows/ he’ll break
the silence falls like snow when he comes home/ and it’s the only truth/ she’ll get from him/ she’s sure/ she thought if she loved harder/ everything would get better/ but after years of fighting/ an endless uphill battle/ the tears on her pillow/ are all that he gives her her heart’s an empty page/ it doesn’t speak of me and I’m a ghost/ but at least that page is clean she fell/ to her knees/ her face was covered/ she was drenched in defeat/ knew it was over/ knew it was gone/ she gathered up the broken pieces and she moved on
and oh/ I was wrong her heart’s an empty page/ it doesn’t speak of me and I’m a ghost/ but at least that page is clean like a morning after thunderstorms/ one day you’ll open your eyes/ the sky won’t be gray/ and I hope you heal/ I hope you heal someday
Track Name: Epitaph
She told him to aim with his heart/ like that would keep him from danger/ saw children swarming with flies/ and wounded crawling for shelter/ the smell of war is in the air/ and there’s no stopping the vultures/ we could have handled them once/ but we forgot what we stand for
Sprung from his beating chest/ through veins and to his fingertips/ to paper waiting patiently/ for words that filled his heart with fear/ but he would not/ turn back this time/ steadfast he pushed through every line/ watched ink dance through his last goodbye/ and felt this urgent plea fall from his lips
carry me/ when my broken body is numb/ be my dawn/ when these endless nights stretch on
and in her dreams that night/ she saw a phantom with the ocean in his eyes/ the smell of sea foam in his hair/ and so she waited on the shore for him/ for days/ and when she saw his body borne in by the tide/ bobbing gently on the waves/ she felt his promise shatter/ fall in facets/ sparkling like a thousand breakers/ catching and refracting the light from a dying sun
she swam out to him/ laid her head against his chest/ inhaled through gritted teeth/ and cursed the gods with all her breath/ her fury moved them/ they cast her soul into the wind/ where it rose above the waves to be with his/ and where they met/ two birds of white/ sailed out across a sea as deep as any sea I’ve ever known/ and close to twilight/ when the sun meets the horizon/ and the waves beat out a cadence on the sand/ you can hear her/ singing softly/ in a voice as clear as glass
I will carry you
Track Name: The art of declaring war
I couldn’t look away as you reached into my chest/ tore out my insides/ strung a rope around my neck/ hung there /silent/ a specter in the trees/ a bleeding reminder that nothing is ever as it seems/ deceiver/ I hope that you can never wash the murder from your hands
Watched the sun slip away/ felt the cold of night grow/ heard the wind as it whistled through my blood and stole the warmth from my bones/ from down below I heard a thousand voices breathe/ we’ll always be with you we swear to you we won’t ever leave/ you/ to die/ with no one by your side
He made a promise in hell/ when he turned and saw where all the rest of us fell/ it was a promise made in brimstone/ ashes and flames/ wrists and ankles bound/ in adamantine chains/ he turned his eyes skyward when he saw the heavens shake/ for fear of the revenge that he would take
I want you to sing/ sing with me and know/ that as long as voices rise with your own/ you are not alone/ I’m a dead man/ but I’m not alone
Track Name: Stillborn / Find You Way Home
You are the only pain I know/ You turned these tired eyes to stone/ you carved your name into my bones/ before I finally let you go No one makes me bleed like you do/ but I’m through bleeding for you/ so close its eyes/ and dress its wounds/ lay it to rest/ and seal its tomb/ no doubt in my heart anymore/ I’ve found a cause I can fight for/ days spent longing no more/ I’ve got friends I would die for/ and I will wander no more/ I’ve found a home I can stay for/ and I don’t need you anymore/ I’ve found a love I can live for
All of the things that you’ve done/ will keep your eyes on the floor/ you choose to hide in the dark/ because you’re a marked man/ A broken promise like chains/ will keep you bound to the past/ you’ll never find your way home/ as long as you’re a marked man
everything I’ve ever learned about loving and living and dying and caring and trying/ it was all backwards/ it’s terrifying/ I say I’m a good man/ I’m fucking lying/ and all the things I told myself to make this bitter world make sense/ they were just a defense/ a fragile fortress for my selfishness.
I’m wide awake/ and I can see her/ praying for me to come home/ my eyes are shut/ but I still feel her/ praying for me to come home/ find your way home
Track Name: Sing
Sing/ for stagnation/ sing/ for the cursed/ sing/ for the words/ sing/ to show them you hurt/ fade with the seasons/ flee from the dawn/ suffer your weakness/ envy the strong/ gorge on shadows/ both fists full of mud/ throat raw with pleading/ eyes shot with blood/ carved hollow by lies/ forsaken and cold/ your dreams turn stale/ as you grow old/ complacent children/ wards of wasted breath/ when you come to your senses/ there won’t be anything left/ they’re waiting/ in windowless rooms/ so sure of a purpose/ but no one’s coming/ not for you
Frail ghost/ arms raised/ against a tempest of meaningless days/ dead eyes/ lose sight/ of the angels that guided your way/ frail ghost/ not me/ watch your colors fade/ watch your world turns gray/ time wrenches/ time tears/ time steals your hope away frail hands call lightning down/ frail tongues let fury sound/ don’t let your life escape/ don’t let your world turn gray/ complacent children/ don’t waste your
breath/ my god won’t you come to your senses/ my god take back what’s left/ tear down windowless rooms/ drown out all their lies/ we will remember our worth/ and open blood shot eyes/ red/ no sleep/ raise glass/ repeat/ tear flesh/ break bone/ drag yourself home/ sing for the cursed
Track Name: See
I know the words/ I’m wide awake/ I know the answers/ I’ve read them all in my mistakes/ I know these faces/ I’ve mourned them all/ and I’ve died a thousand times/ with no one in my arms
a burnt and callous orb/ sinks below the trees/ doesn’t even blink/ as we all cease to be/ jawbones in the grass/ empty fields like seas/ I wish that I could show you/ I wish that I could make you see/ hope doesn’t spring/ where hope’s not sown/ a team of burning horses/ drags a chariot home
a world of orphaned children/ facing the unknown/ blood pours from their lips/ we watch it flow we sold our hearts away/ we don’t remember ever feeling whole/ we hear the scratches on the records in our broken souls/ around and around/ they drown of the sound/ of everything we clung to hope for/ lost/ void/ empty words/ and we don’t sing anymore/ we don’t/ we won’t see
Track Name: Drown
This year burned my face like acid/ so I told myself a lie/ part of me is faded and I feel like I’ve been running out of time/ just because I held you/ doesn’t mean that you were ever mine/ I tore the stitches from my mouth and I’m just fine/ I’m just fine/ really I’m fine/ but I’ve become enough like you to see through your lies
wipe the blood from your lips/ your lies/ pull the splinters from your fingertips/ lie/ oh don't they deserve it/ your lie/ oh haven’t they earned it/ oh don’t they deserve to drown (x50)
Track Name: Long Day
I’m sorry they said/ but this is the end/ pack all your things/ we’ll escort you out/ when you’ve cleared off your desk/ and picked up your paycheck/ we know this must be hard/ we’re sorry/ but this is the end
wet ash/ plastic bags/ when did things get this bad/ you must go on/ you have no choice/ glass bottles hit the ground/ and you drown in that sound/ scream at the walls/ until you’ve lost your voice
I’m sorry she said/ but this has to end/ with tears in her eyes/ she gathered the kids/ took them out to the car/ a suitcase in hand/ you know I still love you/ I’m sorry/ but this has to end
He tracks snow into the house/ then turns around to watch it melt/ walks past a sink of dirty dishes/ puts his keys down on a shelf/ stands in the doorway to the bedroom/ sees the way the winter sunlight falls on her side of the bed and this is hell/ without you here/ this empty house/ ghosts on the stairs/ and don’t I know that this is hell/ without you here
and this is hell/ I’m living here/ these phantom sounds/ an empty kitchen with my coffee getting cold/ I’m living here
I never kept my word/ look what it’s done to you/ look what it’s done to me/ because I couldn’t choose/ what can’t they take from you/ what can’t they take from me I will not accept this as the end you were all I had/ there’s nothing left for me/ when I’m old and alone/ I’ll have myself to blame
Track Name: (Short)Sighted
makes her way through the wreckage from the night before/ packs a blanket around the drug asleep on the floor/ speaks to him gently in the half light of dawn/ says there’s no such thing as too far gone/ Don’t wake me up/ I can’t face all the things that I’ve done aren’t we fucked/ just to be here at all/ and we don’t trust our luck/ so we’ve learned how to fall/ and when this ends/ then we’ll just start again/ if you have nightmares tonight then just wake up/ open your eyes/ it isn’t real/ everything’s fine
Track Name: Bones
A pen held in hands paralyzed by/ blue lines running through paper crosswise/ challenging him to find a way to keep his fear at bay/ compose melodies and verse to chase your pain away/ because he’s never known a bond that could transcend time/ survive the cold of death/ and the lash of life/ maybe someday he’ll find something to believe in/ maybe someday he’ll find his way back home
He dreams of battles won/ he dreams of love lost/ he dreams of pressing on no matter what the cost/ he dreams of highways through hills/ tire ¬packed snow/ hands catching lift through a passenger window/ and when all his visions fade and the black of night yields to the gold of day/ he’ll still carry the faces of broken saints/ cracking jokes through half ¬smiles and heartache
Don’t let go of the people you treasure the most/ don’t give up on the things that you bled for/ believe in me I won’t ever lose hope/ keep faith we’ll find something worth fighting for
There are animals/ in all of us/ and their songs/ they ring out/ free and long
We are animals/ every last one of us/ and our anthems they burn like the sky at dawn
Burn like the sky at dawn/ Blaze red and your songs will go on/ I promise you your songs they will go on/ believe in me/ I won’t lose hope/ keep faith/ we’ll find something worth fighting for/ don’t let go/ I’ll be your reason to carry on/ so carry on
Track Name: Unmarked
I’ve been knocking down the statues you’ve made but/ I’ve been having trouble digging your grave/ it shouldn’t have to be this hard/ it shouldn’t have to feel impossible/ but there’s a sorrow in the sun scorched earth and/ the tired soil that will never give birth/ flowers blossom on the place where you fell but/ nothing else grows I swore I’d hold on tight to this/ this is letting go/ I said I’d always be yours/ this is losing hope Last night I watched a family die/ they shielded their eyes as fire rained from the sky/ this shouldn’t have to be what’s right/ this shouldn’t have to come so natural/
and all the pointless petty choices they give/ create a soul that must be silent to live/ we walk together but we suffer in solitude/ we’re all alone here/ and we’re left with no peace/ no clarity/ this letting go/ just lies/ just misery/ this is losing hope and if daylight never breaks/ and every last one of us should fall/ our restless ghosts will find a place inside these hallowed walls/ with blazing hearts/ and mud ¬streaked hands/ we won’t forget/ we will sing for them we buried our hope in an unmarked grave/ it grew cold as we turned our backs and we walked away.
Track Name: WTF
What the fuck/ we’ve been wading through bullshit/ there’s nothing real here man/ we’re faking for the fakers
I/ call/ bullshit They just don’t understand/ they just don’t get you man/ we’ll fake it for these fakers I’m so sick of all your bullshit